Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mommy, There's a Cthulhu Under My Bed.

Lovecraftian style horror at its free best. The latest issue of this kick *ss horror mag is available for free online reading.  Read it! You really don't want to annoy the great old ones, but be ready to make several sanity checks [I failed all mine on issue one]

Now Posted: Lovecraft eZine #25: Horror.

• "Cthulhu Does Stuff, #4" a comic strip by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson.

• "Echoes From Cthulhu’s Crypt, #3" a monthly column by Robert M. Price

• "And They Did Live by Watchfires" by Evan Dicken
     "The secondary hatches cycled shut, sealing the two astronauts into their tiny tomb. The low thrum of the reality furnace provided an unwavering bass accompaniment to the measured beep and whir of the machines that drained the fluid from Petra’s lungs. Grant checked the straps that bound his wife into bed one last time before engaging the jump sequence."

• "In Dark Corners" by Bradley H. Sinor.
      "From the moment I saw The Charon Company’s Number Six oil rig I knew something was definitely wrong with it, and that made it just perfect."

• "Missing Presumed Wiped" by Derek John
      "The presentation had already begun when I arrived at the public screening room of the Film Institute and so I slipped unobtrusively into the comfortable shadows of the back row. The ghostly black-and-white images flickered in and out of focus as the projectionist carefully adjusted his lenses and the accompanying soundtrack swelled in crescendo, filling the auditorium with the relentless two-tone electronic war-drums of the original theme from Doctor Who."

• "The Eye" by Justin Munro
     "I met Mike in a freshman computer science class in college. Our jockeying for the highest grade quickly developed into a fast, if competitive, friendship. We were always racing to be the first to solve some new mind bender, or find the flaw in some hot new encryption algorithm."

• "A Glimpse of the Future" by Stewart Horn
     "The Old Ones predate not just our world, but our universe. The big bang was the moment when our dimensions expanded and sapped the energy from all the others, leaving them as tiny snail-shells of memory. If the Old Ones exist still in some form in those infinite spirals of nothing, how sane can they be after ten billion years. What does time even mean in that place?"

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