Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Celebrating the Birth . . . Gertrude Barrows Bennett

Gertrude Barrows Bennett A.K.A. Francis Stevens ( 18 September 1883–1948)
      Bennett "was the first major female writer of fantasy and science fiction in the United States" (Wikipedia) and an influential early "dark fantasy" whose writing influenced A. Merritt, and possibly H. P. Lovecraft. With the exception of a story published when she was 17, Bennet's writing career was confied to the short period of time that she was caring for her invalid mother and therefore unable to work as a stenographer.

At Manybooks:
Citadel of Fear serialized in Argosy, September 14, 1918 - October 26, 1918.
     ""The stupendous fantasy of the Aztec hounds turned loose on the modern world!" A lost world story that focuses on a forgotten Aztec city rediscovered during World War I."

• The Heads of Cerberus serialized in The Thrill Book, August 15, 1919 - October 15, 1919.
     "The novel concerns people who are transported to a future totalitarian Philadelphia in 2118, after inhaling a grey dust."

• "Friend Island" from All-Story Weekly, September 7, 1918,
     "In a future world where society is matriarchal, an old sailoress tells a story of being shipwrecked on a strange, sentient tropical island which seems to want to cater to her every need." - Skulls in the Stars.

At University of Adelaide:
•  Nightmare 1917. from All-Story Weekly, April 14, 1917
      "A man riding on the doomed passenger liner the Lusitania awakens suddenly halfway around the world, on a tropical island filled with monstrous creatures, where competing expeditions fight over the island’s ultimate prize." - Skulls in the Stars.

Claimed!  serialized in Argosy, March 6, March 13, and March 20, 1920.
    "in which an elemental being recovers an ancient artefact." -SFE.

• "Behind the Curtain" 1918. from All-Story Weekly, September 21, 1918.
    "A man’s obsession with an Egyptian sarcophagus and its dessicated occupant leads to an act of horrific revenge."- Skulls in the Stars.

• "Unseen-Unfeared" from People's Favorite Magazine Feb. 10, 1919.
     "A man’s sanity is threatened when a sinister scientist uses a new form of radiation to reveal the invisible monstrosities always around us." - Skulls in the Stars.

• "Elf Trap" from Argosy, July 5, 1919
     "Recovering myself, I surmised that Elva must have sent this boy, and sure enough, at my insistence he managed to stop prancing long enough to deliver her message."

• "Serapion:" serialized in Argosy Weekly, June 19, June 26, and July 3, 1920
     "When a seance goes awry, a man finds himself stalked by an evil which has crossed over and threatens his very soul."

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