Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When There's Lightning, You Know It Always Makes Me want to Read Free Fiction

Free E-books, chapter three of "The Fencing Master" at Paizo, and the latest episode of StarShipSofa = life is good.  Be sure to pick up Regan Wolfrom's After The Fires Went Out: Coyote, which can be downloaded free from Story Cartel in exchange for a review. Back tomorrow. [Art from "The Fencing Master"]

• At Paizo: "The Fencing Master - Chapter Three: The Second Duel" by Dave Gross. Pathfinder. Fantasy.
     "'I won't let you take Blackjack,' snapped Vencarlo. Once more he danced away, trying to draw his blade. Once more I danced after him, thrusting my arm through the crook of his elbow to prevent him from reaching the blade."

Audio Fiction
• At StarShipSofa: "And Then Some" by Matthew Hughes, read by Barry J. Northern. Science Fiction.
      "Carrying his valise, he disembarked along with the crewmen, but when the little knot of spacers turned left out of the spaceport gate, heading for the huddle of taverns and bump-houses that catered to transients whose needs were pressing but whose standards were low, he turned right and climbed the rise into the town of Upper Pulluch."

Special Offer
After The Fires Went Out: Coyote by Regan Wolfrom. Post-Apocalyptic.
      "Baptiste, stranded 500 miles from his wife and daughter, at the northern edge of civilization, has made a vow to protect a teenage girl from the chaos that surrounds them. But as food and fuel runs out, and even friends prove they can't be trusted, Baptiste realizes that this promise won't be easy to keep."

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