Thursday, September 5, 2013

Celebrating the Birth . . . James McKimmey, Jr.

James McKimmey, Jr. (5 September 1923 - 19 January 2011 )
     A World War II veteran, McKimmey wrote several short science fiction stories in the 1950s and 1960s, several of which are freely available.

At Project Gutenberg:
• "Planet of Dreams" Science Fiction. from If Worlds of Science Fiction September 1953.
     "The climate was perfect, the sky was always blue, and—best of all—nobody had to work. What more could anyone want?"

• "Confidence Game" Science Fiction. from If Worlds of Science Fiction September 1954.
     "Cutter demanded more and more and more efficiency—and got it! But, as in anything, enough is enough, and too much is …"

• "'Mid Pleasures and Palaces" from If: Worlds of Science Fiction March 1954.
     "It was, Kirk thought, like standing in a gully, watching a boulder teeter precariously above you. It might fall at any minute, crushing your life out instantly beneath its weight. Your only possible defenses are your brain and voice—but how do you argue with a boulder which neither sees nor hears?"

• "The Eyes Have It" from If Worlds of Science Fiction November 1953.
     "Daylight sometimes hides secrets that darkness will reveal—the Martian's glowing eyes, for instance. But darkness has other dangers...."

• "Pipe of Peace" from If Worlds of Science Fiction May 1953.
     "There's a song that says "it's later than you think" and it is perhaps lamentable that someone didn't sing it for Henry that beautiful morning...."

• "Celebrity" from If Worlds of Science Fiction July 1953.
        "Sound the fanfare! Beat the drums! Shout hosannas! Here he comes...."

• "George Loves Gistla" from Planet Stories January 1954.
     "Why don't you find yourself some nice little American girl," his father had often repeated. But George was on Venus ... and he loved pale green skin ... and globular heads and most of all, George loved Gistla."

Audio Fiction
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