Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rounding Up Some Free E-Books and Free Fiction

A trio of good short stories then a rampaging herd of e-books. [Art from "A Life in Moments"]

• At L5R: "A Life in Moments" by Brian Yoon. Fantasy. RPG.
     "The armies would soon move and she would once again spend her days on the march, yet Akodo Dairuko could not relax in her guest quarters. Her discomfort had nothing to do with her amenities, as Lady Naleesh knew how to treat her guests. The rooms were cozy to the point of excess and servants were waiting to fill the slightest need. For her part, Dairuko found the style distasteful, but her high station meant she could not reject them without giving serious offense."

• At Silver Blade: "Stranger" by Rachael Acks. Science Fiction. 
      "The cloud is an overturned bowl made of smoke, wispy white on the top and woolly gray beneath.  It hovers like an invader, over rolling green plains and squared-off plots of farmland and houses that might be wooden toys. The air tastes like damp and electricity, a thunderstorm waiting to happen."

• At Silver Blade: "The Command for Love" by Nick T.Chan. Steampunk. 
      "For the third time in a week, Ligish removed the locking pin from the back of his skull, opened the doors and examined his brain through an automicroscope. Maybe today he’d figure out which one of the homunculus’ slips of paper was the command for love and destroy the damn thing. The last thing he wanted was to fall in love with his master’s daughter."

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