Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Take the Last Train to E-Bookville, And I'll Meet You at the Station.

There's quite a few e-books (after the jump break) this time, even a few Nook e-books) and there's also part two of "The Fencing Master" by Dave Gross, being serialized at Paizo.  {Art for "The Fencing Master"]

• At Paizo: "The Fencing Master - Chapter Two: The First Trap" by Dave Gross. Fantasy. Pathfinder.
     "Restraining a smile at my knowledge of his mission, I turned to see Vencarlo Orisini fixing an inquisitive gaze upon me. He stood against the wall, where the other servants strove to make themselves invisible while awaiting a signal from their masters. Vencarlo had noticed my wordless exchange with the Sable Company captain."

E-Books after jump break

• At Amazon: Essential Reading in Science Fiction by David Scholes.
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At Amazon: [via Freebook Sifter]
At Barnes & Noble: [Via Color Nook Review] Nook

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