Friday, July 11, 2014

Free Friday Audio Fiction

Some very good free audio fiction this morning, including the Jules Verne classic Around the World in 80 Days, now complete. I'm having some minor formatting issues this morning so if things look a bit off, sorry. 

Audio Fiction
• At Clarkesworld: "Stone Hunger" by N. K. Jemisin, read by Kate Baker.
"Once there was a girl who lived in a beautiful place full of beautiful people who made beautiful things. Then the world broke. 

Now the girl is older, and colder, and hungrier. From the shelter of a dead tree, she watches as a city—a rich one, big, with high strong walls and well-guarded gates—winches its roof into place against the falling chill of night. "

• At The Classic Tales PodCast: Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. Adventure.
Now complete: Parts ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, and NINE.
"Phileas Fogg, a gentleman of stringent and inflexible habits, proposes that he can circumvent the globe in 80 days.  He wagers half of his fortune to this effect. But are his motives really as straightforward as he would have you believe?  Jules Verne, today on The Classic Tales Podcast."

• At PodCastle:  "America Thief" by Alter S. Reiss, read by John Michnya. Fantasy.
"I looked around the table. Most of the people there weren’t paying much attention. Lansky looked a little embarrassed, and Siegel shook his head. “You want me to find out if Chaim Goldberg can turn lead into gold, or if he’s running some sort of scam,” I said."

• At Tales to Terrify: Episode No. 139:His Pale Blue Eyes” by David A. Riley narrated by Antoinette Bergin and “Suicide Chef” by Bill Ferris. Horror.

In "His Pale Blue Eyes," a young girl must save her parents from zombies and in "Suicide Chef," "a chef finds a way to save his struggling restaurant, but with deadly consequences."


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Hi Dave
I'll be making my new book "Daughter of the High Lords and other Speculative Fiction Stories" free on Amazon for 2 days - 12 and 13 July (US Pacific Time) and again for 3 days on 18, 19, 20 July:

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