Saturday, July 12, 2014

Time and Free Fiction Wait for no One.

A few good free items.

• At Online Pulps!: "Spirit of the Keys" by Chester S. Geier. Speculative Fiction.
"Somehow, Kirby knew, Elaine's life and that of the typewriter were one . . .

Kirby heard the rhythmic clatter of a typewriter as he walked down the hall toward his apartment door. He paused with his hand on the knob and listened, smiling, forgetting the anxiety that lay like a dark weight over his mind." First published in Fantastic Adventures, March, 1948.

At Amazon: Daughter of the High Lords by David K Scholes. Science Fiction.

"Daughter of the High Lords pits the High Lord race and the Brell super power empire against the Coordinator of All Realities as Garthhe an enigmatic entity from an equally enigmatic race seeks to rescue, Raechelle, daughter of the High Lords. In 'The Search for Humanity' the far flung human race disappears without explanation from the upper reaches of time. By law the fearsome Xelk in “Human Hunter” should not be plying their trade on Earth. Should they?"

Free free on Amazon for 2 days - 12 and 13 July (US Pacific Time) and again for 3 days on 18, 19, 20 July

Audio Fiction
• At The Dunesteef: "What Could Be Worse Than Murray’s Chinese Cuisine?" by Void Munashii. Comedy Horror.
"On their way home from what possibly could have been the worst Chinese restaurant of all time, Marty and Liza miss a hairpin turn on an icy road, and get to find out just what exactly could be worse than Murray’s Chinese Cuisine."

• At PseudopodPseudopod 394: "Summer Girls" by Caspian Gray, read by Robert A.K. Gonyo. Horror.
"Something brushed his leg. For a moment he felt the sensation of fingers closing on his ankle. Dan started, then floundered away, panicked as a little kid at the first touch of seaweed. He composed himself in case Kayla was watching, but she was treading water further out, eyes on the horizon. Dan swam out to her, accidentally swallowing a mouthful of salt water, then splashed water on her back to get her attention. Kayla turned, pulling long strands of hair out of her eyes." first appeared in Black Static #35.

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