Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Free Fiction Days of August

A ton of free e-books and a couple of very good audio stories round out today's free fiction.  And I'll be back long before you can read all these.

Audio Fiction
• At PodCastle: "Excision" by Scott H. Andrews. Fantasy.
     "We started immediately.  Scolast Giazla had a series of rabbits she’d infected by treating their grafts with offal.  I selected the most advanced sample, a brown spotted one with a cat’s striped forepaw, to perform the control."

• At SFFaudio: "The Dreams In The Witch House" by H. P. Lovecraft. Horror.
      "Whether the dreams brought on the fever or the fever brought on the dreams Walter Gilman did not know. Behind everything crouched the brooding, festering horror of the ancient town, and of the mouldy, unhallowed garret gable where he wrote and studied and wrestled with figures and formulae when he was not tossing on the meagre iron bed."

At Free eBooks Daily:

At [via Freebook Sifter]
At Amazon Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn. Telepathy. [via Pixel-of-Ink]

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