Monday, September 2, 2013

A Game of Free Fiction

It's Monday, but still weekend for some of us, so whether it's the end or beginning of your week. here's some free fiction to make it a but better.  And there's definitely more to come. Be sure check out Regan Wolfrom's free fiction links at SF Signal, he's scooped me on a couple e-zines that will be in part two. [Art from "The Glass Tunnel" linked in fiction below]


At Interstellar Fiction:
• "One Thousand Feet and Climing" by Megan Engelhardt. 
      "She couldn’t hear it from up here in the air where the only sounds were the engine and the wind and Roger cursing to himself, but she knew that, far below, Paul would be announcing her with his smooth as glass voice."
• "LifeCycle" by Jess Hyslop.
     "Chaos, a human might have called it—or even: Hell. But MM#2893 was unaware of such terms. It had been designed for such eventualities. It knew little else but that it had a task to perform."
• "Union" by O. L. Wilson.
      "The ghostly husk of the Cherokee shrank with every second until it was no more than a pin-prick in the surrounding blue sky. Anneke turned her head toward the gargantuan coil beneath her, cloud banks of impossible proportions swirling up to greet them as they arced down on their descent."

• At Kasma: "The Glass Tunnel" by Tim W. Boiteau. Science Fiction.
        "You first see her framed against a hazel sky over a tabular iceberg sea. She is drinking an espresso and with a fork is etching figures into one of the tables of the automat car. Though the carving is nebulous and rambling, it somehow mirrors the essence of the stark seascape, or at least one viewed through a short-circuiting granulizer."

• At L5R: "Sins of the Father: Leverage" by Robert Denton. Fantasy.
      "Maratai’s eyes softened. 'Mother didn’t know that. No one did. To the world, Kakita Hiro was the greatest playwright of his time, a Jidaimono-ka who breathed new life into his chosen genre. He had critics, but even they praised him most of the time.'"

• Now Posted: Quantum Muse - September 2012.
• "Eye into the Open" by Harry J. Bentham. Science Fiction.
      "When a physics experiment hacks into the unknown, a language expert and a cryptologist are summoned to the peculiar scene."

• "Owl Head Lake" by Harris Tobias. Alternative
       "What if all those stories about the lake were true? Would you still camp there?"

• "The Thirteenth Knight" by Jeromy Henry. Fantasy
      "Down on his luck, a petty thief runs headlong into a supernatural war. Will he find some use for his life after all?"

• "Wizards Like Gods" by Alex Mair  Fantasy
      "Magicks let you do anything, so why can't Ahmed do anything with them?"
Flash Fiction
Audio Fiction
• At Author's Site: "Bones are White: Eusocial Networking, Part 2" by Scott Sigler. Horror.
     "The bug-infested finale will have you wondering just how harmless those little critters really are"

• At Campfire Radio Theater: "The Dentist" by Bill Gray. Horror.
     "A new dental assistant is drawn into a perplexing mystery as many of Dr. Stewart's patients emerge from the office in a dazed stupor... a dead look in their eyes. Paranoia and dread soon take hold as she begins to suspect her kindly boss may be engaging in a terrifyingly macabre practice."

• At Cast of Wonders: "Ep 93: Little Wonders II" featuring Laura DeHaan, Brian Griggs and Jack Murphy. YA Speculative Fiction.
       “Golly” by Laura DeHaan, “An Alchemist’s Limit” by Brian Griggs, and  “Empires of the Red Dawn” by Jack Murphy.

• At Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs:  "Episode 7 - Out Of Time's Abyss"
     "Chapter IV, Part One  Bradley’s explorations along the river of death under the city of Oo-oh have taken him to a temple complex in which he is reunited with the captive girl he met before.  A party of Wieroos come prowling, and Bradley and the girl hide."

• At Gypsy Audio Theater: "Fortuna - Ep. 1" by A. J. Clarkson. Science Fiction. Jump Gates.
     No Description Found

• At Radio Drama Revival: "Ace Galaksi - episodes 1 and 2" Science Fiction. Satire.
        "a deadpan, special special agent whose investigations into the universe begin to undermine the powers that be. Enjoy  from this fun new SF satire, hailing from Toronto; unlike Dragon*Con, Ace Galaksi doesn’t have a cast of thousands – but does have quite a cast!"

Other Genres
  • Audio Fiction at Crime City Central: "The Trial" by Ifeoma Okoye.
  • Flash Fiction at Every Day Fiction: "Back to School" by Patrick Perkins.

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