Monday, September 2, 2013

Midday Free Fiction

  And the good stuff keeps coming.  There are two good e-zines, flash fiction, and some old time radio in this post alone.  And yes, there's more to come.  [Art from SQ Mag linked below]

Now Posted: New Myths: Issue 24, September 1, 2013. Speculative Fiction.
• "A Slender Darkness" by D. A. D'Amico
      "The sweeping curve of indigo reminded Rhyse of Daisha's lithe body, the way her smooth shoulder had moved under his clumsy fingers as he applied the ink. She'd gasped when he'd used the hot wire to set the line, her voice exploding in breathless sighs of pleasure."

• "The Hidalgo's Domain" by Thomas Canfield.
        "The light took Bradshaw by surprise. He hung suspended in the water, moving his fins just enough to maintain his depth, wondering how he could have miscalculated so badly. The water had a beautiful rich tint to it, a silky, sensuous blue, not unlike waters Bradshaw had dove in the Caribbean. But why here, he wondered. There was a spring five miles further to the west, a small one that scarcely warranted a name. But here the network of caves ran uninterrupted through miles of porous limestone. No natural light ever penetrated these waters. Bradshaw should not have breached the surface till he returned to his original point of entry again. This was not his point of entry."

• "Cerebral Vortex" by Sean Hazlett
       "The hollow-skulled dolphin carcasses started washing ashore about a week ago. No matter how many times Dr. Janet Kimball examined the bodies, she was at a loss as to what was behind these mutilations. Dr. Kimball observed an atrocity that had become so common she was almost numb to it – almost, if not for the dolphins’ missing gray matter. In all her forty years, she’d never come across such a peculiar and gruesome sight."

• "Butterfly Weather" by Hannah Lackoff
      "On Monday morning, there were ants in the kitchen. I searched under the sink in vain for the traps I knew I had bought. I tried the medicine cabinet, the hall closet, and finally found them on top of the refrigerator, out of my reach without the assistance of the step stool. I was twenty minutes late for work."

Now Posted: SQ Mag: Edition 10
• "Shoe Shine Picture" by Robert Datson. Dark Fantasy.
     "Concrete lies under Sam’s thin sleeping bag and he keeps still, knowing the moment he moves, bones will push through the thin material and his comfort will disappear, bringing him firmly into contact with his current situation."

• "Intangible (Part 5 of 6)" by A.A. Garrison. Fantasy.
      "It was the fall of '89, late September, no different than the thirty-seven she'd known previously. But that changed on a Thursday afternoon, as she motored down the road in the family minivan, Kyle and Tia in tow."

• "That Blasts the Roots of Trees is My Destroyer" by David Halpert. Dystopian Science Fiction.
      "Tenement apartments hugging the Green Zone show their true colors in the sober light of day. Moss and climbing ferns hide the cracked foundations and graffiti courtesy of resident syndicates. Charlie’s disposable Sanyo reads yellow for this district, advising citizens to express caution when venturing out in broad daylight."

• "Drunks" by Michael C Schutz-Ryan. Horror.
       "When I first met Neil, he was drinking Heineken at Jim’s party. Well dressed and very drunk gay men stood around a veritable garden of potted plants; they watched each other watching each other and tried to appear disinterested."

• "Mr Strawn and the Book" by Morgan Knight. Steampunk.
      "Mr. Strawn stepped off the sleek magnetic train and walked down the wooden boardwalk of the depot, boots clunking. He carried a canvas bag shaped around the thick book inside of it. It made him think of a snake that had misjudged its meal every time he picked it up."
Flash Fiction
• At SQ Mag: "Visiphorical Art" by Michelle King. Horror.
• At 365 Tomorrows: "The Morrow Upon Midday" by Timothy Marshal-Nichols. Science Fiction.
At New Myths: Speculative Poems.

Old Time Radio
  • At Boxcars 711: "The Graveyard Mansion 2 Pts. Complete" - The Witch's Tale 1933.
  • At OTR Plot Spot!: "Incident at Switchpath" - Beyond Tomorrow 1950, "The Third Man's Story" - Quiet, Please 1948, and "Hunter's Moon" - Part 05 of 08. Science Fiction and Horror.
  • At Relic Radio: "The Wendigo" - Theater 10:30. Horror.

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