Monday, September 2, 2013

More Free Fiction and E-Books

More great free fiction, this time from Anotherealm and Crossed Genres.  There's also the very welcome return of Beam Me Up (A science/science fiction podcast) as Paul is now well enough to resume broadcasting.  And there are many good e-books today. There will be more later if time allows or else tomorrow will be a really big day.


• At Anotherealm: "Shake" by J. Michael Shell. Speculative Fiction.
       "On weekdays, an old man hovered there near the antique, crank cash register. But on weekends, the boy—who was the old man’s nephew—assumed the task of ringing up the purchases of Nikola’s few, but faithful, patrons. “Uh...hi!” the boy said. There was surprise in his voice, as Maryanne had never spoken to him before—even when he had sheepishly tried to engage her in conversation."

Now Posted: Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0 - Issue 9: Deadline (September 2013)
• "Depth of Perception" by D.A. D’Amico. 
      "The rifling on eighteen-twelve veered sharply downward, losing the bilateral symmetry of the main corridors. Cetus noticed too late, sliding through the unexpected incline. He landed upside down in a tight spherical chamber filled with stalactites of formed metal and plastic."

• "A Quest For the Vulture Gods" by Melissa Yuan-Innes
      "The princesses had barely gone a day when the elder one detected a man on horseback following them. Aying had ears as sensitive as a hare’s, a useful thing in a princess."

• "The Wind Harp" by Athena Andreadis.
      "When Némi Ferái Kámi-o sent me a formal summons, I took more than usual care with my appearance. Not that it would matter to him – his retainers, conscious of the length and renown of the Kámi-o lineage, constantly complained about his informality
Audio Fiction
• At Beam Me Up: "Star Bright" by Tsana Dolichva. Science Fiction.
     No description found.

• At AmazonFor Odin, for Thor, for Asgard by David Scholes. Fantasy.
At Amazon: [via Freebook Sifter]

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